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Compression socks keep your legs in great shape. Buy high quality compression hosiery and compression socks online. We offer value for money, easy ordering and very fast delivery.

Compression socks - keep your legs good looking!

Compression socks will mean the end of swollen feet and tired legs. Beside a wide variety of compression socks, stockings and hosiery that help to prevent varicose veins, we even stock insoles and bandages.

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How do compression socks work?

Often, people wonder, how compression socks work. It is actually very simple; compression socks apply pressure to your legs, which makes the blood flow more easily through your veins. This decreases the risk of having swollen or tired legs. Compression socks, or support socks as they are also known, decrease the risk of varicose veins, or if you already have varicose veins they ease the pain. 

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How can our compression products help you?

What can a compression stocking do for you? For example, if you suffer from swollen and tired legs; putting on a compression sock or other compression hosiery in the morning, before any swelling occurs, will prevent them from swelling and keep them feeling more energised. 

Compression stockings are also great if you suffer from, or are at risk of developing varicose veins behind your knees. A lot of women develop varicose veins here. Compression stockings and tights (pantyhose) are particularly good at preventing these as they go all the way up the leg.    

Compression socks as flight socks

Compression socks are perfect for use as travel socks for any flights or long journeys you have planned. By wearing compression socks during your flight or journey, you are ensuring that your legs and feet arrive in the best shape possible. They will prevent swelling during your journey. By wearing compression socks while you travel, you are also helping to prevent serious health complications such as DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).

Remember, if you are on a long-haul flight, it is important to move your toes and feet and get up a couple of times and walk around. The combination of these simple gestures with wearing compression socks while you travel is the best way to prevent swollen feet so that you are able to enjoy your travel to its fullest.

Compression stockings and varicose veins

Compression stockings can prevent varicose veins from forming. Unfortunately, most people have already developed varicose veins when they contact us. That doesn’t mean that it is too late for compression stockings to be of benefit. Compression stockings can decrease the pain of varicose veins and stop or slow their expansion. Compression stockings DO alleviate your symptoms but cannot get rid of the varicose veins. Prevention is better than cure!

Cotton compression socks and wool compression socks

We have a wide variety of socks, everything from cotton to microfiber to help you get the best compression socks for your needs. During winter a lot of customers prefer our wool compression socks. They are warm and the wool keeps your feet dry and comfortable.

Cotton compression socks are popular all year since they feel good against the skin and most people are used to cotton.

Microfiber compression stockings and compression socks are less bulky and thus look more elegant. Men and women who are looking for more formal socks and hosiery tend to prefer this material.

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